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Competitive and Flexible Payment plans

No two operations will be the same and so each covert surveillance or security related task will require different skills, manpower and equipment. 


You may rest assured, that we will maintain the same high standards of trade craft for all and that we will not 'Ghost' [charge for teams members who are not task], 'Clock the evidence' [change the date & time on the video to provide misleading start and finish times], or, 'Lie about mileage' [exaggerate and then charge extra for mileage not covered]. 


In general terms, fees will be charged for each Operator on an hourly basis whilst on task and at a discounted rate for travel to and from the area of operations. Similarly, travel mileage from office to plot will be charged as will on task mileage for each vehicle. Report writing will be charged at a discounted rate while all necessary expenditure incurred in the course of a job will be subject to payment.


We promise to keep you updated about costs and never to incur fees without asking you first. 

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