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Meet some of the key individuals who drive our agency's success and learn about their specialist spy craft skills.

A female private detective takes covert photographs of a target


Covert Surveillance

  • Former Special Forces

  • Skilled in Foot & Mobile Ops

  • Covert video specialist

  • Highly experienced Operator

A Nemesis private detective researching data about a target on a lap top
A bodyguard with big biceps stands in the background looking imposing


Personal Security

  • Martial Arts specialist

  • Certificated Body Guard

  • Security Specialist

  • Client-friendly!

A Nemesis private investigator driving an operation car in a follow behind a target vehicle fitted with a covert GPS device


Background Research

  • 35 years in the Met Police

  • Successful researcher

  • Legal expert

  • Highly experienced Operator


GPS Tracking

  • Former Security Services

  • Communications specialist

  • Top tech skills

  • High success rate

Our Staff are all former Police, Special Forces, Security Services or similarly trained Operators, skilled in conducting information gathering and security operations. Each operator has passed a rigorous and comprehensive training course in intelligence or security related matters.
All have operated for extensive periods of time on real-world tasks, oftentimes in a hazardous environment. Every member of Nemesis operates in accordance with the highest working precepts of the intelligence and security community to ensure a successful outcome. ​

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