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This agency has over thirty years’ experience in commercial investigations and security. In this time, we have been tasked to resolve all manner of difficult and sensitive tasks ranging from fidelity issues, theft investigations, personal injury inquiries, and asset location surveys to the close protection of corporate and private individuals. In each case we have provided our clients with a custom-built cost-effective solution to resolve their problems. Here are some examples of the type of work that we have undertaken.


Please note that the cases cited are real but for security reasons all names and locations have been changed.

Distressed woman worrying about her errant partner

The Case of the Suspicious Partner

In 2021 our lead investigator received a call from a lady who believed that her boyfriend was having an affair with a work colleague and that her suspicion had been aroused when he started receiving text messages late at night. Her fears were confirmed when she noticed scratch marks on his back.


The client was desperate to know the truth and unable to move on with her life until the matter was resolved. The lead investigator informed the client about costs and operating methods and advised her to think it over before making a decision to take the matter further.

The client (now sounding more self-assured and in charge of her life) phoned back the next day and instructed our agency to impose surveillance on her boyfriend in order to discern what he did after leaving work. A team was duly briefed and deployed later that day. The team plotted up on the work’s address and waited for the boyfriend (now referred to as the Subject) to leave work. The Subject duly left work and got into a sports car driven by an unknown female. The unknown female then drove the sports car and the Subject to a hotel in a nearby town where they alighted from the vehicle before entering the said hotel hand in hand.


The team maintained covert surveillance throughout the follow and obtained covert video footage of all the events described. The Team Leader then updated the lead investigator who in turn appraised the client of what had happened in a sympathetic, compassionate but factual manner. The client was obviously very upset but instructed this agency to maintain surveillance until the Subject departed. The client’s instructions were duly followed and at 1930 hrs the Subject was seen in the hotel foyer with the driver of the sports car. The pair kissed and cuddled before the Subject departed in a taxi.


The team obtained covert video of this event before lifting off to conduct a debrief and write reports. The next day the Lead Investigator met the client at a prearranged safe location to brief her on the events of the previous evening and to show her the photographic evidence. The client although greatly distressed appreciated the investigator’s frank but sympathetic manner and departed the meeting with a determination to take charge of her life.


Task complete.

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