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The answer to the question above must be - hopefully not, but life can be cruel and so don't be caught out. The famous quotation, 'Knowledge itself is power', is key to many things in life but perhaps none more so than in matters of the heart. So what should you be looking out for? Well, the following is a list of indicators cited by both male and female Clients (over the past thirty-odd years) whose suspicions were later confirmed by covert surveillance: 1. Lack of sexual interest. 2. Changing the password on their cell phone and not letting you have it. 3. Receiving late night or unexpected text messages that are shrugged off as being work related. 4. Taking better care of their appearance. 5. Taking less interest in you and your future plans together. 6. Starting a gym membership after years of not being interested in their appearance. 7. Working late and not answering their phone. 8. Intuition - something just isn't right! Obviously, some of the above may be easily explained and so nothing to be worried about - but they are nonetheless indicators that you should pay attention to.

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